Growing out of the British Leyland Computer Systems Department, as an independent company, ISTEL, became the major employer in Redditch in the 1980s.  Its various industry sector groups occupied many sites across the town and served customers all over the world.

In a competitive industry it sought to consolidate its position under the aegis of larger, like minded parent company and struck a deal with AT&T. With AT&T, ISTEL continued to grow as AT&T ISTEL but slowly the ISTEL name has been lost.

With changing markets, recessions and other world influences, AT&T presence in Redditch has slowly diminished and today the ISTEL name is all but forgotten.

This site aims to ensure it does not disappear completely.

We are therefore collecting memories, memorabilia and details of all the ISTEL activities as an archive to ensure ISTEL is not forgotten,

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